The Journey Begins

This page is created to introduce and summarize the names of our Executive Team and their functions in supporting our campaign activities. We appreciate every person on our team for accepting their appointments.

There are three categories that summarizes our Executive Team

First Category: Expected 2019 TCA-USA Executive Office 

lual bul                          lual deng                  garang ajak

Lual B. Manyok, Pres             Lual Deng Awan, V.P       Garang A. Deng, G.Sec                                        Second Category: Campaign Team Supervisory

aguer                                         deng garang           Aguer Ajang Aguer, Camp Manager           Deng Garang Gak, Dep. Camp Manager

 Third Category: Regional Campaign Managers

yar atem-2                     gabriel kudior                         rebecca yar

Yar Atem Dut                            Kudior Akoi Achuoth                   Yar Mayen Makuei

group 2

Garang Ayiik Garang

Dr. Jacob Aguer Ajang

Center of My Expertise!

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